Past Speakers

We have sourced out top speakers in our field. Please see the list below.


  • Dr. Marshall fagin, prosthodontist

  • Dr. Mark Lin,¬†prosthodontist
  • Dr. Natalie Wong,¬†prosthodontist
  • Dr. Raymond bertolotti, bondontontics

  • Dr. Christopher ramsey, general dentistry/implants

  • Dr. Steven bongard, general dentistry/implants
  • Dr. Patrick Chu, General Dentistry/Implants
  • Dr. Allan schaffran, general dentistry
  • Dr. Nick katsikeris, oral surgery

  • Dr. Marco caminiti, oral surgery

  • Dr. Cameron clokie, oral surgery

  • Dr. Marshall freilich, oral surgery

  • Dr. Justin garbedian, oral surgery

  • Dr. Leo gerczuk, periodontics

  • Dr. Ken serota, endodontics

  • Dr. Hagen klieb, oral pathology